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hourly maintenance fees

We understand that circumstances will arise when a web site owner needs immediate help with their web site and that they do not want to incur a recurring high cost for this purpose.

We have affordable hourly rates for maintenance that covers most requirements.Please select the type of updates you are looking for below and we will contact you to set up a call on what we will need to proceed.

If you do not see a selection that fits your requirements then please use the Comments Box to describe what you are looking for. Also, hourly fees are billed at full hourly rates meaning if it only takes us 25 minutes to complete your task you will be billed for a full hour.

If you have an emergency situation and need support now please email our emergency support email address. We monitor this address regularly and will get back to you promptly:

Hourly Maintenance Fee Hourly Fee Selections
Adding / Modifying Text, Images $38.00
Updates to Shopping Cart $50.00
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