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If you are serious about doing business on the Internet and want a professional look that won't break your budget... we can help you. For one affordable "fixed price" we will design a web site or web page that is custom tailored around your business. The fixed price plan allows you more control over your budget because you will know in advance what the total costs will be... there are no hidden costs or surprises.

So what is the difference between a web page and a web site?

Actually, there is no difference! They both mean the same thing... a web page that only has ONE web page is still a web site, and a "web site" that has more then ONE page or mulitple pages, is also a web site. You can still promote a ONE page site as a "web site" because that would be an accurate statement. It makes no difference to us whether you want a one page site, or a mulitple page site...we will custom design either one for you.

Please know that our fees only cover the cost of building and designing your web site. Once the site is completed you will need a "Host" or domain server for your site to be visible on the internet. There is a recurring annual or monthly cost for this service. If you have a host we will upload your site files to it, or any other host of of your choice, at no additional cost.

In addition to a Host you will need a registered domain name ie: www.mynamecom. If you have a registered name already that's great!. If not, you can search for one easily and purchase it directly online in a matter of minutes.

Search, Buy, Register a Domain Name Instructions is one of the original domain name registrars on the Internet and we highly recommend them. Click the graphic and start searching for the name you want and then purchase it. Skip everything else they offer for now and just purchase the name.

Domain Name Design Fees - this link will take you to the fees we charge for a domain name web site and what we provide. There is also a cost estimator here as well so you can "ball park" what your costs will be for the number of web pages and options you would like on your site. NewsletterYou spent hard earned dollars for your site and you want a return on your investment. We developed this monthly newsletter to help you do just that by providing information and resources that we have determined to be relevant and useful to doing business on the Net.

Check out this month's Newsletter and if you like what you see sign up to receive it in your email once a month.


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Search, Buy, Register a Domain Name Instructions Instructions on how to Search and buy a Domain Name direct from Network Solutions. Starts at $19.95 a year.

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How to place a Google Ad.. Background and instructions

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