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Sample Web Page Program

Unlike many of the web page designer sites you have visited you will find that offers something that the rest do not... we will custom design a "Sample Web Page" on your business at no cost or obligation!

sample web pagesEach sample is unique to your particular business... we never use "templates" or canned graphics... all of our sample web pages are original work. We will lay out the design elements of what we think you are looking for and upload it to our server to be accessed via the Internet where you can view it in real time. This method will be used throughout the design phase so you can monitor the progress being made at any time. And if you like what we have done then we all work together to change, modify the design to your specific requirements.

Obtaining your custom sample web page is easy... just fill out the information we need about your business and click submit. Your information "will not" be sold or distributed to anyone.
See our Privacy Policy.

Within 3 to 5 business days we will have a sample page put together for you to see. If you would like to have us incorporate some of your own pictures or graphics you can email them to us. Just be sure that they are in either a .GIF, PNG or .JPG format (please do not send .BMP files).

If you have seen a particular web site that suits your requirements then provide the web site address and we will emulate (not copy) the layout you are looking for.

This is a no obligation offer to business and professionals... you only pay our fees if is selected as your web site designer. We accept payment in either business/personal checks or Visa / Mastercard / American Express.

If you are ready to get started on obtaining your own individualized web site then please provide some information we need to get started on your Sample Web Page by CLICKING HERE .

If you prefer speaking with someone in person to discuss your idea's and to receive a quote over the phone we would be happy to do so. We can be reached at 201-289-2462 between 9 am - 5:00 pm EST.

If you have a blue print ie: PDF, MSword, already laid out of what you would like your site to look like please Email it to us.


Password Protector - As a bonus for clients of you will receive FREE password protection software. How many times have you wished there was a tool that could help you retrieve usernames and passwords for the numerous affiliate programs and other password protected applications we all run now days. With our FREE password software you will have a totally secure and encrypted tool to accomplish all of this.

Password Protector is a very simple, but very safe program that resides wholly on your own computer. It is an independent ultra-secure storage place for ALL your usernames, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, PIN numbers and passwords (there is NO LIMIT to the amount of information you can store).

The file itself is password protected (it's the ONLY password you need to remember) and the data CANNOT be accessed by anyone else, any time, any place. So even if someone accesses your PC and copies the program, the data is still totally inaccessible.

If more than five false attempts are made to access your password list, the program assumes that the attempts are malicious and reverts to safe mode. It will then only open after you have successfully answered a checking question (which you pre-determine).

And to add an extra layer of security, PASSWORD PROTECTOR will automatically close after a predetermined time (which you decide). So if you're called away from your PC, the program will close down until you return .... safe from snooping eyes!

CLICK HERE for a screenshot of the application

If you are not an client you can still get a copy of this super software for the low price of $15.
Go here to learn more about this great software NewsletterYou spent hard earned dollars for your site and you want a return on your investment. We developed this monthly newsletter to help you do just that by providing information and resources that we have determined to be relevant and useful to doing business on the Net.

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Password Protector
Password Protector - secure software that remembers ALL of your username and passwords

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